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Our Physical Therapists

Deborah Stamper PT, LSVT

Deborah graduated with her degree in Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach in 1988. She has worked in numerous physical therapy settings in the Rogue Valley before founding Kleiman & Stamper with Gavin in 2009.

With over 25 years of experience,  she specializes in Manual Therapy utilizing many tools including Soft Tissue Mobilization, Graston Technique, Muscle Energy techniques and custom designed exercise programs to maximize patient’s outcomes.

Outside of work, Deborah enjoys, hiking, camping, snow shoeing, cooking and travel. She has 3 kids and a dog, Buddy. Deborah is certified in LSVT BIG to treat patients with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. 


Karen Kralik PTA, LSVT

Karen received her undergrad education at SOU and was licensed as a PTA in 2015 through Lane Community College.  She loves helping people recover and return to what they love to do through soft tissue techniques, personalized exercise programs and body mechanics education.  She is a Rogue Valley native who enjoys hiking, biking, gardening and all things outdoors. Karen is also certified in LSVT BIG to treat patients with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. 


Gavin Kleiman PT, LSVT

Gavin obtained his degree in Physiotherapy from WITS University in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1991. He was awarded best clinical student in 1989. He moved to San Diego in 1994 and eventually, Ashland in 2004.

Gavin utilizes manual therapy techniques with functional exercises and emphasizes patient involvement and accountability . He incorporates Yoga ( he is an instructor trained at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara) , Pilates and Alexander Technique into his treatment sessions where appropriate. He has taught  seminars nationwide on Yoga Therapy and has lectured at Southern  Oregon University’s Adult Learning Institute  (OLLI).  Gavin is certified in LSVT BIG to treat patients with Parkinson's and other neurological conditions. 

In his free time, Gavin keeps bees, hikes in the woods, puts up birdhouses and trains for triathlons.


Jaime Ball PT, DPT

Jaime graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from George Fox University, Newberg Oregon in 2022. She has a holistic approach to Physical therapy and utilizes evidence-based practice for her clients. Jaime’s treatment style is tailored to the individual and customizes the treatment plan accordingly, using a variety of therapeutic manual techniques and exercise. She has experience working with athletes and return to sport after injury, joint replacements, low back pain, general orthopedics, neurological and vestibular rehabilitation. Her passion is meeting patients where they are at in there healing journey and helping them achieve their goals and getting back to living the life they want to live.

Jaime has lived in the Rogue Valley most of her life and wants to continue to serve and give back to the community she grew up with. In her spare time, Jaime enjoys, practicing herbalism, and her hobbies consist of golfing, mountain biking, yoga, being a freshwater aquarist and plant keeper, hiking and exploring southern Oregon.

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