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Parkinson's Disease


After speaking with so many people who had a spouse, partner, parent or friend with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, I was struck with the prevalence of this disease. As a physical therapist, I was curious about the best research based treatment to slow the progression of this debilitating condition. My curiosity brought me to the LSVT Big treatment protocol. Here was a treatment protocol, backed by results that positively impacts those with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. It is an energetic series of exercises, that quite frankly looked fun. I knew I wanted to be part of a team offering this type of treatment to help those with Parkinson's Disease have a better quality of life.


At Kleiman & Stamper Physical Therapy, we are proud to be among the 16000 practitioners worldwide to offer LSVT Big to members of our community who are struggling with Parkinson’s Disease.


Please visit to learn more about this treatment approach and give us a call to see about slowing the progression of your Parkinson’s symptoms.


Deborah Stamper Howard, PT

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